Ship age 7_edited
Prophet #6
Preservation Hall Jazz Band Age 17a
Namaste unfinished
Prophet Right Hand
Hope- Prophet #5
Study of Man (Self)
Prophet Left Hand
Man With Guitar (Self)
Ballarina's Hand
Prophet Left Arm Top

I've never had any "formal" training in art, but when I was seven years old, a women by the name of Lena Egg (an artist, dancer, and former track and field world record holder) took me under her wing and taught me the technique of oil painting over three summers, twice a week. The ship painting is the first one I started, but I put it down after two years and finished it when I was ten. I have painted off and on through the years; the last ones have been from the "Prophet" Series, which is a collection of six 3'x4' oil/acrylic on textured canvases that I created in order to sell and raise money for my short film "Prophet"- they are the ones with the arms and hands in oil painted on textured acrylic canvas. Please visit to see more of my work.... thank you!