"Accutrone Watches"

::3737 seconds Run Time

ACCUTRON Watch Campaign, shot in NYC by Andres Hernandez


2:36 Min. Run Time

Multiple award winning film directed by Noah DeBonis. Terrance's character is an alcoholic, python hunting, B&B owner and single father to two girls, one of whom is deaf.


1:57 Min. Run Time

Winner "Best Short" 2016 International New York Film Festival. This is a short clip from "Prophet", the story of Jake, a blind homeless man who lives among the graffiti walls of Wynwood, Miami. He can't see the painted walls, but he can hear the graffiti whisper to him people's deepest darkest secrets as they pass by, and he sings those secrets out for all to hear. How did he get this ability, and what happens when revenge comes?
Terrance wrote, produced, acted, sang, and musically scored in this award winning film.
All songs were played live and recorded on site.


"The Things They Left Behind"

1:36 Min. Run Time

"The Things They Left Behind" is a film based on a Stephen King story with 911 as the backdrop. Terrance co stars as Ken Hargrave, the boss of an insurance firm located on the 110th floor of Tower One.


"All Aboard" TV Co Host

1:23 Min. Run Time


Terrance Murphy and Aniela McGuiness Co Hosting "All Aboard", an Alaskan Cruise line TV show. The clients wanted a very laid back and friendly approach for the viewers.


Clips from "Burn Notice", "Transporter 2", Whiskey Muses", "The Deposition Room", and "Psyche"

1:29 Min. Run Time