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Actor Resume

Film & TV


"Love On The Reef"                         Kevin

"Hooked"                                          Ken Price

"The Things They Left Behind"      Ken Hargrave

"Prophet"                                          Jake

"Dawn Of The Sheriff"                    Sheriff Terence Blanchard

"Posthumous"                                 Raymond 

"Not For Human Consumption"   Darryl

"The Deposition Room"                 George Gorges 

"Psyche"                                            Frederick Smith 

"Whiskey Muses"                             Gabe 

"Transporter II"                                US Marshall/Stunts



"Law and Order"                              Perry Sutton

"Morningstar TV Pilot"                    Joshua Klegg III 

"Talia In The Kitchen"                      Dr Pardo

"Los Secretos De Reyna"                Detective Lewis

"Burn Notice"                                   CIA Agent

"Burn Notice"                                   Chris      


~Certified Kick boxing Instructor

~1st Degree World TaeKwonDo Federation Black Belt

~AFTA Certified Personal Trainer

~Ki-Hara Master Level Resistence Stretching Trainer


~Paddle Board



~Jet Ski






Terrance is a 2017 graduate of the Tom Todoroff Acting Studio and Conservatory in New York City.  Among his many teachers were Andrew Wade (former head of the Royal Shakespeare Company, London), Tony Award winning actor Miriam Silverman, SAG Award/Drama Desk award winner and Tony nominated actor Stephen McKinley Henderson, Obie Award winning and Tony nominated actor/director Austin Pendleton, HB Studios Director Carol Rosenfeld, Michael Chekov Movement expert Janice Orlandi, New York Casting Director Todd Thayler, Award winning actor Emily Bergl ("Carrie", "Shameless"), as well as Producer/Conservatory Head Tom Todoroff himself, along with many other experts in theater and film. Click the link below to visit the school website and find out more information about the conservatory.

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